Targets No. 8

Here you can download targets No. 8 of the different options of configuration intended for firing from an air rifle from ten meters for free, without delays . Have you got any difficulties with downloading? Go to the Instruction page. There is told besides downloading process how to print targets without saving them on the hard drive.

While holding school competitions if documents allow use the target "П". The size of the black apple No. 8 is the same as offered, but in so doing the radius of circles at the target No. 8 is much less. It is convenient to use the eighth target while preparation for competitions - person shoots at a target of the smaller size psychologically more closely. The single target No. 8 is available for downloading below:

The target No. 8 single for air rifles

The single target No. 8 for an air rifle Targets No. 8 are used for shooting from an air rifle at the distance ten meters. At the test shooting a target is traditionally placed on A4 sheet of paper. Download targets No. 8 in the A4 format:

Six targets No. 8 on an A4 sheet of paper Ten targets No. 8 in A4 format for shooting from an air rifle