How to download targets?

For downloading targets (for example, "Target No. 8") press the left mouse button (further - LMB) on the image. The new page will open in the browser. Mouse over the image. Click the right mouse button (further - PMB). The context menu will be open, then it is necessary to select the item "Save the picture as..." (don't confuse with saving of the web page). If there was a window with a location choice for loading, recommend to save in the default folder (simply to press the button "Save..."). To open a downloaded target, open the conductor and go to the folder "Loadings" or to the place you've chosen. Names of source codes in Russian in a short version; some browsers transfer Cyrillic symbols to the Latin.

How to print targets?

If the printer is connected directly to your computer, in a context menu instead of "Save the picture as..." select the Print item. You will open the preparatory page. Find on it:
a) the list of printers - choose the physical printer (many users by default send targets on local (which at the time of printing is switched off) or program (simulating the print in OS));
b) the number of copies - in this case this is a number of targets for the print;
c) the paper size - choose A4 if you use sheets of this size;
d) quality - dpi - is recommended higher than 92 units;
e) the duplex printing - I advise to turn off;
f)"By the page size" - while print it will reduce/ increase the initial image (on the majority of our targets of the A4 format the difference is insignificant) - you choose on your preferences;
g)the paper type - by default, orientation - album or portrait - is based on orientation of a source code of a target (our targets are calculated on portrait orientation).

If the target is less than A4

Click on the image for its increase. On the cursor "+" will have to exchange on "-". Further follow according to the above instruction to print a target.
Start printing with one copy. If the printed target doesn't suit you or will be printed with mistakes (the wrong orientation, the size), you will save paper.